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Manush is a Beta Version loop game. Manush is a man who runs and evolves from Cave-Man (Adimanav) to Gentleman. In this game, the evolvement will switch according to the characters. To play this game you only have to jump and cross the obstacles and make your own high score. You have to survive in this game by eating fruits and dodging.
During the gameplay, Manush runs left to right across two different landscapes i.e. ancient, and the modern period. The players dodge the oncoming obstacles, including fire and from falling by jumping. You can jump by tapping on the jump button on your mobile/tablet screen. As Manush runs the play speed increases until the user hits an obstacle promoting an instant game over. The Manush collects the coins to make a high score. The player has to take the fruit to maintain his health otherwise the health goes down and promotes an instant game over. Reaching 51%+ health the Manush will change to a gentle-man and below 50% the Manush become the Adimanav.

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