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Digital Marketing: In today’s world Marketing has changed a lot. Today’s customers are connected to the internet 24*7- Indian consumers spend over 6 hours per day to digital media (except jobseekers). We, Profcode team help you build a Digital Marketing strategy to push qualified visitors to your website and transform those visitors into sales conversion. We design and deliver you the website that fulfils all your digital marketing needs from managing your ad and email campaign, monitors your key KPIs, ROI, and website performance till managing your database. Our experienced team is committed to sharing innovative growth strategies to help you find creative solutions to problems.

Services That We Provide As Being Top Digital Marketing Company

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use SEO techniques that bring the best visibility to your campaigns, bring to you your targeted audience in an organic manner, and create custom plans according to the reach required.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We ideate, create and implement social media strategies to increase the reach of the brand and amplify the presence of the brand or influencer in the particular niche.

Mobile Application Marketing

At Proftcode, we help your app reach out to more people, increase your rank at the PlayStore/ AppStore, create engaging campaigns for marketing and create roadmaps for a better reach.

Website Audit

Our Website Audit team helps you discover bugs and drawbacks and provide you with a plan to fix things. The plan helps you optimize your reach, rankings, and increase the overall efficiency of your app.

Content Marketing

Our team creates content of different kinds and distributes it through different channels to amplify the brand’s presence and increase its reach on web platforms.

Google PPC

We research and select the right keywords for Google advertisement and follow it with a plan to create an organized campaign that optimizes the chances of your brand reaching more people.

Email Marketing

We think, create, and send across emails for your customers and potential customers to leave an impression of your brand along with targeting more sales.

Page Speed Optimization

We ensure that your site speed matches the attention span the customers have these days and help you retain your users on your website for a longer duration.

Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Services

Why you need Digital marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most of your question

Our marketing experts help the client choose from various kinds of techniques like e-mail marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing. Then create a strategy for them based on their needs.

Our team works rigorously to track the growth of the client and review the marketing strategy and specific intervals. We use technology like Google Analytics to understand growth.

Any campaign does not get success overnight. Based on the targets provided by the client we create a timeline to achieve those targets. Apart from this, the growth depends upon the industry, budgets, audiences, and many more aspects.
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