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ERP Development
We manage on the ERP development market for over two decades. We have complete ERP implementation experiences, customization that will suits your business needs. We have a team of experience developers that use latest technologies which helps you to build your business strategies. We help large organizations, SME’s, traders and manufacturers, to adopt and automate the business processes.

Our ERP Service for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

Manage key business activities efficiently with a single, complete solution

Financials Solution

Our financial solutions platform brings all financial difficulties to end with a one-stop solution. We provide resources and systems that help you track your financial records, and help run your business smoothly.

Inventory Management

With our inventory management systems, you will be able to track multiple products efficiently and with easy updating systems will keep the momentum always high.

Purchasing Solution

Our Procurement management system is beneficial for tracking expenses, tracking raw materials, and keeping a list of all the different vendors that keeps everything organized and helps in future purchases.

Sales & Service

We assist you in creating a niche market for yourself. It helps your brand reach a better audience that identifies with your brand and generate more revenue from the niche customer bases.

Production & MRP

This system helps all the service providers keep track of ongoing projects, the upcoming ones and create an archive for all the completed projects. The system helps them to stay on track and assess their progress.

Project Management

This specific tool is designed to keep track of production and calculate the cost incurred and according to the profit margins decided by the vendor decide the MRP across all the systems.

Industries We Serve

ERP systems bring all day-to-day activities of a company to one place. We help companies put together a platform that keeps everything organized. From managing finances to updating the grades for students, our developers bring out the best of all in the form of specialized platforms for the companies.

We are building many type of ERP

ERP type

  • School Management Software

  • Hospital Management Software

  • Multilevel Marketing Software

  • Hotel Management Software

  • HR Management Software

  • Real State Sale Software

  • Ecommerce Management Software

  • Tour and Travel Management Software

  • Recharge Portal Software

  • Inventory Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most of your question

Every ERP is designed based on the needs of the organization. The number of departments they have, the functionality of each department, and the kind of features they would like.

Yes, ERP is scalable. You can add new employees, or add new verticals, and update information from time to time. Our team can assist you in understanding how to update the system.

ERP can help an organization in the following ways:
  1. Bring everything in one place.
  2. Access to information across departments.
  3. Increase in work efficiency.
  4. Reduces the redundancy in the workflow.
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