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Why laravel is best framework for web development ?

Mahesh Jangid
Why laravel is best framework for web development ?
Category : Web Development

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework of web development which encapsulates the true essence of modern, elegant and proficient web applications. All modern day websites are using this framework for a number of reasons. The laravel offers many features integrated with the website such as mail integration for sending out mails easily to all sign-ups, or sending notifications to your clients, they provide user user registration and login system and forget password functionality already built-in and these features are some of the essentials every website needs today.

Top  5 reasons why Laravel Framework is ideal for Web Development

1. Built-in Features and Components
2. Popularity
3. Database Migrations
4. Micro Framework Support
5. Latest PHP Support

Prior to launch they provide sample testing as well to identify any bugs which is also helpful for many people to launch a perfect website. Laravel has some of the best templates to design which can be easily customised according to the need of the client. Laravel is a user friendly, simple and effective way of designing. Moreover it provides safety for the sensitive data that your user might share with you. Due to its efficiency and great performance its becoming one of the easiest and smooth ways of developing web applications.

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